What Happens At Your Consultation?



Your first appointment with us is complimentary! Kevin Cook Orthodontics offers a free consultation to all new patients. Get to know Dr. Cook and the staff, and learn how we can help improve your smile. We will listen to your concerns and get to know you. We’ll also make sure every part of your orthodontic care is addressed.

What will happen during my free consultation?

At your free consultation, Dr. Cook will perform a thorough exam. All of your questions will be answered by our caring and supportive staff. If treatment is needed, Dr. Cook will recommend diagnostic records to be taken. He will then work with you to set up a treatment program. If no treatment is needed, we may enroll you in our observation program. With this free program, Dr. Cook will follow your dental development through your growing years.

Patient Referral

You can feel confident when referring your friends and family to Kevin Cook Orthodontics. Our dedicated orthodontist and our certified orthodontic assistants are committed to ongoing education and stay at the forefront of the orthodontic profession.

Carbondale Office

P.O. Box 3532
715 N. Giant City Rd.
Carbondale, Il 62901


Marion Office

3108 W. Deyoung St., Suite A
Marion, IL 62959