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Oral Care and Whole Body Health

Did you know that good oral health care may have even more value than preserving your smile? Did you know that researchers are continuing to find associations between cavities, gum disease, and heart disease?1 Or that there are some diseases that are associated with an increased risk of infections – such as diabetes, which increases…

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Orthodontists Report Uptick in Number of Patients Attempting DIY Teeth Straightening

In a recent survey conducted among its members, the American Association of Orthodontists reports that nearly 13 percent of its member orthodontists are seeing patients who have tried do-it-yourself (DIY) teeth straightening; some of those attempts have caused irreparable damage. The methods and materials commonly used to attempt DIY teeth straightening include rubber bands, dental…

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Consumer Alert

The American Association of Orthodontists is urging consumers to beware of Internet videos and websites which encourage people to try and straighten their own teeth. Moving teeth is a medical procedure and needs personal supervision by an orthodontist. Please be wary of any suggestions to move teeth with rubber bands, dental floss, or other objects…