When it comes to orthodontic care, experience matters. That’s why area dentists refer their valued patients to Kevin Cook Orthodontics. Before moving to Southern Illinois, Dr. Cook treated patients with orthodontic needs in the St. Louis area. Dr. Cook is committed to ongoing education to stay at the forefront of the orthodontic profession. Dr. Cook is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics which means you can be confident about his level of skill and expertise. We consistently provide the kind of trusted, leading-edge care that dental professionals and busy families prefer. With two convenient locations, you can enjoy flexible appointments that fit into your busy schedule.

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What Your Friends Say

  • The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter has had an excellent experience and we can already see improvement. I am so glad we chose Dr. Cook and would highly recommend him to any one in need of Orthodontic care.
    Joseph Molitor — Mid-April 2015
  • Thanks for a great experience and making my smile look great. Dr. Cook is very friendly and upbeat. His staff is friendly, and very timely on appointments. The office is top notch.
    Isaiah Hall — February 2015
  • I have three teenagers who have all been treated at Kevin Cook Orthodontics. We experienced excellent service with all three children. The staff at Kevin Cook Orthodontics made sure we felt comfortable at all times and made the experience fun with games, contests, and prizes and also a trip to a local Miners Game. They were affordable and had reasonable payment plans. I highly recommend Kevin Cook Orthodontics for all your orthodontic needs.
    Tara Broy — February 2015
  • Let me just say THANK YOU all so much for your awesome treatment of Parker! I knew you guys would be wonderful, but I had no clue you would all be truly perfect. I know we will all be great friends within the next THREE years. haha He LOVES is blue braces! (Oh, and I am trying to get him to say “Dr. Cook”…but he insists that the building says “Kevin Cook” so that should be what he calls him. So anytime he talks about his braces, he says that “Kevin Cook” put them on his teeth) Have a great rest of the week, and we will see you soon!
    Laura Miles — February 2015
  • We have taken our granddaughter to Dr. Cook for the last 4 years. Dr. Cook and his staff have been so helpful in getting her teeth straight and beautiful! Everyone in the office has been very kind and helpful and it's been a great experience to have her teeth staightened to a great self confident smile.
    Leah Schuttek — Mid-January 2015
  • We love Dr. cook and all of his staff. We definitely made the right decision in choosing his office. Dr. Cook and his staff are fabulous and super friendly!! Very comfortable office and have never had to wait more than 5 minutes. Plus his website is very kid friendly and has wonderful incentives. would definitely recommend for braces.
    Oct 28, 2014 | Posted by B.D.
    As an adult, I was very skeptical about getting braces. I had refused to smile for years because I was so self-conscious about my teeth. I had lost a front tooth during a bike accident when I was young. The current crown looked horrible and it was suggested to get braces before replacing the crown to improve the overall look. I got the Invisalign braces and am now almost ready for the retainer - and the new crown! It was easy, virtually painless and people really couldn't tell I had them in. Dr. Cook was patient and thoroughly explained every step along the way. Kudos to Dr. Cook and his staff!
    Sep 24, 2014 | Posted by L.C.
  • I moved to S. IL with braces looking to find a Dr. who would accept me as a transfer patient. When most hesitated, Dr. Cook accepted me with no uncertainty. Dr. Cook and his staff were always so welcoming and friendly. The staff at both the Marion and Carbondale office always took the time to make me feel comfortable and really worked with me to schedule my appointments around work. In addition, when my insurance was being difficult and wasn't paying the bills. Dr. Cook and his staff never treated me any different and continued to give me the best care. Got my braces off yesterday and I am very pleased with the work they did in such a short period. Thank you Dr. Cook
    Kenneth Delahunt — August 2014
  • I had an amazing experience at Kevin's office. Everybody was super nice!! They walked me through everything and they gave me eveerything that i needed for my braces. They told me and my mom if i ever needed anything just to call them and they would do anything they could to help me. They told me and explaned to me what i couldn't eat. I'm so glad that i picked to go to Kevin's office to get my braces!!
    Jul 9, 2014 | Posted by S.R.
  • Dr. Cook Did an excellent job prescribing a treatment course and applying my braces. He was very meticulous and careful. There was very little pain and I could see improvements with my teeth within a short period of time. I feel confident I will get the results to my smile I am seeking. The staff was terrific and I felt very comfortable throughout the procedure. I would highly recommend Kevin Cook Orthodontics.
    Michelle Tullis — July 2014


Why Choose Cook Orthodontics?

Artistic Precision

Dr. Kevin Cook has a reputation of excellence with his single minded focus in crafting the ideal smile for each of his valued patients.

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Affordable Options

We offer many payments options tailored to your needs and strive to keep our costs low and our quality high and pass those savings on to you!

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Rave Reviews

Want to know what other patients are really saying about us? Check out our reviews. We aim for your total satisfaction!

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Convenient Appointments

We do everything we can to accommodate your family’s busy schedule. Sign up for our email reminder option. Free WIFI and video games.

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Friendly Staff

Dr. Cook’s team is the best in the business and does everything possible to make your time with our office as comfortable as possible.

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Latest Technology

Dr. Cook loves technology and is dedicated to researching and implementing the safest, cost effective orthodontic technologies to benefit you.

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Patient Rewards

We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you. We can’t do it without your participation and want to say “Thanks!” for your dedication.

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Great smile = confidence

Research shows that the better you feel about your looks, the better you feel about yourself. When your teeth look white and sparkly, you can relax, be in the moment and laugh. You are more confident and radiant. The mere act of putting your mouth in the shape of a smile changes the blood flow to the brain and actually makes you feel happier. The fact that smiling itself boosts your mood has a further positive impact because smiling has a contagious effect. When you smile, others are more likely to smile back, and are more drawn to you, thereby increasing your confidence and happiness even more.

Smiles and perception

You might not realize it but whether or not you’re smiling can have a significant impact how others perceive you. Having a radiant smile sends a huge positive message to those around you. It tells people that you are happy to be in their presence, and it creates an optimistic feeling in others. When you smile, people are more likely to assume you have positive qualities — they perceive you as more sociable, trustworthy and intelligent, compared to when you aren’t smiling. So whether you’re at a party, in a job interview or simply walking down the street, the fact that you’re smiling will work to your advantage.

Being unhappy with your smile usually means you don’t do it very often – which means you aren’t reaping the benefits outlined above. People who avoid smiling usually do so because they are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. When this happens people fall out of the habit of smiling or they do a closed-lip grin, which comes across as awkward or not genuine.


We Have Partnered Up With 7UP To Remind You
The American Association of Orthodontists
recommends that children have an
orthodontic evaluation at age 7.



Did you know at Kevin Cook Orthodontics whether you are 7 or 70, your orthodontic evaluation is free and no referral is needed — A $300 value! Includes digital photos and x-rays.